BroadLink RM Mini 3


– Controls any Infrared device like Split A/C, TV, DVD, receiver, IR home appliances etc.

– For split duct system there should be thermostat having infrared receiver.

– Powered by power supply having input of 110-220 VAC and 50/60 Hz frequency.

– Power supply: 5 volts, 1000 mA.

– Can control devices through IOS and Android smart phone applications from anywhere.

– Can run customized events like good night, good morning, home, away and multiple devices at a time.

– Power supply: 5 volts, 1000 mA.

– In case you forget to turn OFF A/C before leaving the house, turn OFF A/C remotely. Can reduce a lot of energy consumption.

– Saves a lot of energy and decrease energy bills.


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