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What is Z-Wave

Z-Wave is the leading international standard for wireless communication in so-called Smart Homes. Smart Home means intelligent connection and automation of various functions within buildings as well as adjacent outdoor facilities. In doing so different electrical installations such as light switches, electronic door locks, heating thermostats, blind controls and other appliances are controlled by sensors, wall switches, remote controls, smartphones, tablet and desktop pc.

Customers can choose from an ever-growing number of different products (currently more than 1,700 products from around 450 manufacturers). They all support the Z-Wave standard and guarantee full interoperability within a common home network.

All devices are certified to full interoperability with each other. As a result devices from different vendors and different applications work together in one wireless network.


Z-Wave uses the frequency of 868.42 MHz that belongs to the SRD (Short Range Device) frequency band that was licensed for smart home applications in Europe, Africa and the better part of Asia.

Z-Wave uses a standard line encoding and for high-security applications such as electronic door locks or roof windows, a single TAN system is applied that meets highest security standards.

Every communication is reconfirmed by the receiver so that the transmitter can retransmit in case of connection problems or give a proper alert to the user.

Every mains powered device acts as a router for all other devices. In case a message can not be sent directly to the receiver due to an obstacle the network will automatically re-route this message via other nodes. This ensures a very high reliability of a Z-Wave based wireless network. Every Z-Wave network consists of up to 232 notes which can own additional notes (slave devices).

Typical wireless ranges for communication between different devices are 30 m inside and up to 100 m outside buildings. The 868 MHz radio wave can penetrate walls very well.

How does Z-Wave work?

All communication is encrypted and confirmed by the receiver. Every device can forward message on behalf of other nodes (mesh network). Z-Wave is using the designated frequency in a standardized way. This standard is issued by th ITU T under the number G.9959.

Can be used both for mains powered and for battery powered devices. Devices like temperature sensors, motion sensors, humidity sensors, shock sensors, door sensor, remote controls and wall controllers are mostly battery powered. Other devices for shutter control, light control, heating and gateways are main powered by being connected to power cable.

Z-Wave uses 868,42 Mhz frequency band dedicated to home control. Using sub 1 GHz frequency avaoiding the heavily congested 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands where WLAN and ZIGBEE are positioned.

Why is Z-Wave special?

Z-Wave is adopted by more than 350 vendors worldwide. Companies all over the world are members of the Z-Wave Alliance. By using the Z-Wave standard you have the benefit to choose from different local or foreign companies to build your own Z-Wave network.

Z-Wave devices from different vendors and different applications work together in one wireless network. Z-Wave certification allows devices from different producers and vendors to interoperate with each other.

How will Z-Wave change living?


  • Define light scenes according to your living style or special situations
  • "All off" function on the main door switches off all lights
  • Easy setup of complex lighting installations
  • Parallel lighting control via wall switches, remote controls, and sensors


  • Heating/cooling schedule are automated to save energy
  • Turn on the heat when going home to come into a warm home
  • 20...30 % savings on heating when wireless control technology is applied


  • Arm/disarm your security system from wall pad or mobile phone, tablet or PC
  • Secure all doors, windows and rooms with wireless sensors
  • Combine locking/unlocking of your electronic door lock with arming/disarming your security system
  • Have full access to all data when being on the road

Energy Saving

  • Visualize your total energy consumption on your PC, mobile phone or tablet
  • Turn off devices with stand by power when not used
  • Visualize individual energy consumption of every device within your Z-Wave network

Assisted Living

  • Sensor controlled automatic lighting prevents accidents due to darkness
  • Pressure-sensitive sensors detect falls and accidents
  • Permanent record and display of your blood pressure or weight etc. on your mobile or any other device
  • Access history and trends
  • Alerts and prevention functions


Z-Wave HomeSeer Network Interface for UAE Frequency Gen5

The HomeSeer Z-NET is a remote network-based Z-Wave interface for use with HomeSeer home automation systems. Since Z-NET is IP-enabled, it may be installed anywhere a network connection is available. Z-NET supports Network Wide Inclusion (NWI) for easy pairing of Z-Wave products. Multiple Z-NETs may be used together with any HomeSeer system for a centrally managed, muti-network installation; ideal for home owners with secondary residences or outbuildings (pool houses, barns, workshops, servants quarters, etc). Works with all HomeSeer HS3-based systems (including HomeTrollers).

The Z-NET has keyhole slots for wall mounting, or it can be placed on a shelf. The unit plugs into a power outlet using the included power supply, and connects to the Internet via Ethernet or WiFi Connections.


Main Features

  • Remote Z-Wave Interface for use with HomeSeer Software and HomeTrollers
  • Supports Z-Wave Plus (and older) Products
  • Ethernet or WiFi Connections Allow for Optimal Positioning in Home
  • Supports Network Wide Inclusion (NWI) for Easy Product "Pairing"
  • May be Used with Other Z-NETs in Larger Homes or for Secondary Residences or Outbuildings
  • Includes Highly Optimized Antenna for Superior Range and Performance
  • Includes Easy to Use Web-Based Management Features
  • Provides Easy Upgrade Path from Z-Trollers, Z-Sticks, SmartSticks and Most Other Z-Wave Interfaces
  • Case Includes Keyhole slots for wall mounting (with your hardware)
  • Onboard WiFi