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The purpose of this page is to provide answers to commonly asked questions from prospective customers 

What is Smart Home?

Smart Home is computerized system enables home residences to control and monitor their home resource and devices (such as lighting, climate, curtains, watering, electrical switches, etc), and offers set of features and benefits (such as safety, security and comfort).  

What is your system cost?

In Spectrum, the main part of our vision is to let the technological systems affordable, so we tailoring our systems with robust and reasonable price equipment. In addition, we offer the system which meets the customer requirements. So before we offer the system, we study your needs then provide our best proposal; and even so, the system is salable, which means in future you can add more feature as new requirements will come up.      

I do not have technological education background, can I use the system easily?

There are set of tools and interfaces to operate the system, from traditional switches which you already familiar with to smart devices interfaces which doesn't require more than basic skills of using smart phone 

I like to have smart home, however I don't want to make damage on my existing interior design, what can you do for me?

Our system structure mainly depends on wireless technology, so there will be no need to make any damage in your interior design. 

As I knew your system depends on wireless technology, but what about the problems in wireless signals?

Our system depends on Z-Wave which is reliable wireless technology and it have been used around the world for years with excellent feedback; moreover, our skilled engineers and technicians have experience to build wireless network which guarantees working 24/7 without interfering issues.  

I am out of UAE, and if I buy your system can I connect and program the system by myself?

Yes, we will support you to make it perfectly.

What is technology you are using?

Mainly our system's field devices rely on Z-Wave which is reliable wireless technology; also we can integrate our system with different technology and protocols.