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What is Smart Home:

Smart Home is computerized system enables home residences to control and monitor their home resource and devices such as lighting, climate, curtains, watering, electrical switches, CCTV etc.

Smart Home Video Demo:

Types of Home Automation:

There are two type of technologies

1. Wireless Home Automation

2. Wired Home Automation

Future Belongs to Wireless:

Both have their own advantages and disadvantages but future belongs to wireless.

Spectrum Smart Home Summary

We are providing two types of Automation

We are providing wireless home automation solutions which is based on Z-Wave wireless protocol. Z wave works on" Mesh Networking Topology". A Z-wave network can contain up to 232 devices. Each device has almost 30 meters range and all devices acts as a repeater. Due to this characteristic range can be increased. In a Z-Wave network there  is a main controller to control the whole Network which has a unique identification number or Network ID so there no chance of hacking. Z-Wave network is most secure and reliable network.

We are providing Homeseer as our gateway. Homeseer works with thousands of devices and technologies. The beauty of Homeseer is, for each protocol or device there is a software driver (Plug-in). For example for all Z-Wave devices you need to install only Z-Wave plugin and all Z-Wave devices will become compatible with homeseer. Similarly for the RFID, Sonos, nest, IFTTT etc. HS Touch design is smart phone application provided by Spectrum. This application is customized which means we can make graphics for you according to your need and desire.

BroadLink Smart Home:

Spectrum is providing two types of Home Automation one is Centralized Home Automation” and other one is “Stand Alone Home Automation”. Centralized Automation has been already explained which consists of main controller and Z-Wave devices. All of them work on Mesh Network Topology and each device acts as a repeater. This system is most secure and reliable.

Stand Alone Automation is based upon Wi-Fi, Radio Frequency and Infrared protocols. If we Sum up this system in one line “ Any device working with Radio frequency or Infrared (devices who can be controlled by remote control) can be controlled with BroadLink devices remotely. Example of such devices are Air Conditioner, TV, Lighting plugs, RF controlled switches and RF based home appliances. This system is cheaper and have some limitations.