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Introduction to BroadLink Products and How to Configure Them

Posted by Asad Munir on

What are BroadLink Products

BroadLink products provide basic home automation in affordable price. These products enable you to control your home anywhere you are and any time you want. BroadLink is proving to be a game changer in the remote control field.

Spectrum is selling following BroadLink products

1. RM Mini 3 Universal Remote

2. RM Pro Universal Remote

3. TC2-1 Gang Touch Switch

4. TC2-2 Gang Touch Switch

5. TC2-3 Gang Touch Switch


RM Mini 3 Universal Remote

RM Mini 3 is universal remote who can control any Infrared device which can be controlled through remote control. Example of such devices are Air Conditioner, TV, DVD receiver, Set-Top Box etc.

Reduce your Electricity Bills with BroadLink

If you are worried about high electricity bills and often forget to turn off your Air conditioner before leaving your home then no need to be worried. You can turn it off from outside of your house. Not only this, you can program your home appliance. For example you come back from office at 5 Pm, make an event to turn ON A/C at 4:45 everyday and enjoy cool environment on reaching home.

Healthy and Sound Sleep

The “Healthy Sleep” feature of RM Mini 3 helps you to program your air conditioner to enable comfortable sleep.

How to Configure BroadLink RM Mini 3

Step 1: UnBoxing

After unBoxing RM Mini 3 you are going to find 3 things. RM Mini 3 itself, 1 USB cable and 1 user guide. Front side of Product has a LED indicator, back side has 1 reset button and 1 Power input (Micro USB).

RM Mini 3 should be connected with power adapter having 5 volts and 1000 mA output.

Step 2: Download Application

Your next step is now to download application named "e-Control" in your mobile. This application is available for both IOS and Android operating systems. Scan the QR code given on the user guide or search in play store.

Step 3: Provide Power and Reset Device

Provide power to RM Mini 3 from a USB Power source. Sometimes it needs to be reset for the first time use. Insert a small pin in reset slot and press reset button gently for 10 seconds. Now connect your mobile phone with local Wi-Fi network and open e-Control Application.

Application Interface and Menu:

As for as application interface is concerned its very simple. We will explain one by one.

+ sign:  Function key to show drop down list. Just click on it a menu will open

Add Remote: To add remote and associate it with RM Mini 3

Add Scene: To add a scene / event for your device

Add Device: To add BroadLink device in application

Device List: To open list of BroadLink devices in your e-Control application

Step 4: Adding Device in e-Control App

While opening e-Control application first time, it will ask you email and password. Just skip this step. In next step enter your local Wi-Fi  user name and password in the application.

Now its time to add device in application. Just monitor the LED indication.

If blue LED indicator Flashing Quickly: Means device is waiting for configuration and in factory state.

If blue LED indicator Flashing Slowly: Means network or power supply is down.

If white LED flashes ones: Means device is transmitting infrared signal.

To add device LED should flash quickly.

Now click on "Add Device".

Insert local Wi-Fi network user name, password and click on configure.

After some time device will be configured and ready to use.

Before proceeding towards "Add remote" you should know meaning of symbols because these symbols tell the status of device whether device is Newly added, locally connected, remotely connected or offline.

New Device: Device is newly added in the e-Control app.

Local Connect: Your mobile and device is connected with same Wi-Fi network.

Remote Control: Your mobile and device is connected with different network.

Offline Device: Device is not connected with local Wi-Fi network.

Step 5: Adding Remote in the e-control App:

Let's move forward and add remote in the e-Control app. Adding remote means to associate remote with RM Mini 3. After adding remote your mobile phone will act as a remote for you.

Taking Air Conditioner as an example, you want to control your A/C.

In e-Control application Click on + sign and then " Add Remote".

After this click on Air Conditioner in the device menu.

A new window will open to learn the remote.

Now press power button of A/C remote and that's it.

Remote has been added in RM Mini 3.

Creating Scenes/Timer:

Creating Events/Scenes in e-Control is very easy. For example you come back to home at 5 pm every day and you have a holiday on Friday. Just create an event to turn ON A/C 15 minutes before you reach to home and remain unchanged on Friday. You can make as much as you can according to your need.

To create event, click on RM Mini 3 device created in e-Control app

Now click on Air Conditioner in device list

After this click on settings as shown in below picture

Create timer, set time, days and rename it.

Healthy Sleep:

The “Healthy Sleep” feature of RM Mini 3 helps you to program your air conditioner to enable comfortable sleep. Adjust temperature for whole night by just clicking on healthy sleep. Set thermostat mode and fan speed as you wish.

RM Pro Universal Remote

RM Pro is universal remote who can control Infrared and Radio Frequency devices. Configuration of RM Pro is same as RM Pro. It can control more devices as compare to RM Mini 3. It also works with IFTTT and little bit of expensive.

TC2 Touch Gang Switch

TC2 is touch gang switch controlled through RM Pro. It works on Radio Frequency. There are three types of TC2 switches single gang, two gang and three gang switches.

TC2: How to Configure

Open e-Control App and open RM Pro.

Click on light switch in device list.

It will ask TC1 or TC2, just click on TC2.

After this long press any button to enter configuration mode.

Button and connected lights will blink quickly and that's it.

TC2 has been configured.


Maximum Load:

Traditional incandescent light can be connected from 5 Watts to 200 Watts per gang.
Load should be less than 100 watts per gang in case of LED or energy saving lights.

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  • How many tc2’s can I have a schedule timer? It says Ive exceeded the limit.

    Mike on
  • Dear Kristian McFarlane,
    You can see there is not too much difference in prices, if you consider shipping and custom charges then prices are nearly same. Moreover, We provide free technical support and warranty for one year.

    Asad Munir on
  • Hello

    I regularly order from your shop,
    But I have a question, I see a lot of products on this site that you also sell in your shop.
    but there products are 58% cheaper, well my question is what is the difference between your store and theirs,
    is it the quality or something else, i hope you can help me!


    Kristian McFarlane on
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  • Mr. Bob you have to create scenes by yourself. For examples, you are going to sleep and already created a scene “Good Night”. You need to say to Alexa. “Alexa turn on good night”. In this way that scene will be enabled.

    Asad Munir on

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